A robust and durable feature phone.

XBot Champ is a well-rounded rugged feature phone with IP54 rating. Resistant to dust, shake and water, XBot Champ is your ideal assistant in severe conditions. The exterior thick rubber makes it shockproof, cutting out any danger of breaking yourphone. Plugs are equipped to ensure the headphone jack and the charging port don�t let in water or dust.

5000mAh power bank.

XBot Champ serves not only as a phone, but also as a power bank. It supports power output with 5000mAh large capacity. All you need is a cable to connect your other devices and XBot Champ.

Explore and capture.

The 2.4-inch screen supports 240*320 resolution display. A 0.08MP rear camera takes photos with fixed focus. Explore and capture!


A big torch is equipped at the top of the phone for you to adventure at night or low light. The keyboard includes a dedicated Vibration button to for you to set the phone into vibration mode in a flash.

Connected all the way you want.

With wireless FM, XBot Champ enables you to enjoy radio without having to plug in earphones. Super convenient! Stay connected with the world in various ways. Switch between work and life with Dual SIM cards.