Elegantly designed and crafted.

XTouch X is designed and engineered in painstakingly detail. Streamlined body, curved edges, slim bezel, metal frame and shining finish all make XTouch X a real artistic work. Two colors in Poison Black and Milk White are crafted for you to match your own style.

Immersive visual experience.

We break the boundary between the screen and body, and also the boundary between the world and your eyes. 5.8-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 widens your vision in an extraordinary way. Its HD+ resolution and IPS technology enable you to see a rich, vibrant colour and spectacular details from any angle. Just immerse yourself into the portable yet imaginative palm cinema and enjoy limitless view!

Wireless charging. Easier and faster.

Say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. With wireless charging technology, you don't have to plug and unplug each time. The ultra slim and light wireless charging pad is extremely easy and convenient to use. Just place your phone on top of the wireless charging pad and your phone begins to charge.


Sony Camera. Professional shooting.

XTouch X is installed with a Sony camera chipset to create professional shooting experience. Enjoy lightning autofocus and take photos with bright light and vivid color with 8MP camera.


Wireless earphone.
Move without limits.

XTouch X with a standard XTouch wireless earphone is made for movement. Uninterrupted BLUETOOTH® streaming let you experience music without restrictions. The ergonomic design of the neckband allows it to rest comfortably on the back of the neck. Sports, music, freedom. Live a true wireless life now.

Speedy operation.

Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM ensure a smooth and speedy multitasking operation. 16GB memory plus up to 64GB micro SD card provides enough space for photos, files and videos. Do and save whatever you want!

Premium Speaker.
Everything sounds better.

Enjoy a more enhanced audio experience with premium box speaker. Music or video, everything sounds just the way you love it.

Always stay connected.

Equipped with dual SIM slots, XTouch X enables you to switch easily between business and family phone talks. Browse the web, immerse in online games and social media whether over Wi-Fi or fast 4G network. Stay connected with the world wherever and whenever.


A full wireless set.

We offer you a complete wireless solution. A full package includes XTouch X Smartphone, Wireless Sports Earphone and Wireless Power Bank. Wireless charging let your charge your phone tangle-free and faster while Wireless Power Bank gives you large-capacity external battery on the go. Enjoy music cordlessly and limitlessly with Wireless Sports Earphone. Get ready! Your are stepping right into a totally wireless world!