Enjoy safe music

XBone Keeps your ear canal free from chances of bacterial infection which is very high in case of traditional earphones.

Protects eardrums from damage due to long term exposure to loud noise.

Free ears mean user is always aware about surroundings like traffic etc.

Featherweight but durable

XBone is made of Titanium Nickel alloy resulting in light weight of 30gm but can be bent 15,000 times without any damage.

Memory wire design

XBone sports a wire with curved memory design. Comes back to the head shape from any other shape and fits snuggly.

Sweat and water resistant

With IP65 XBone is water and sweat resistant making it an ideal companion for sports enthusiast.


Quality stereo music

Double suspension vibration system with suspension damping technology lets you enjoy high quality stereo music.

Noise reduction

XBone uses CSR chip with CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology along with Bluetooth 4.1 giving user high quality call experience.